Worth waiting for...


Enhancing our community is the number one goal of the Killian Pacific team. We have been contributing to the built environment in Oregon and Southwest Washington for over 40 years and we continue to be dedicated to the enhancement our community’s long-term prosperity.

Listening, understanding, and responding to the needs of the community are the fundamental principles inherent to our long-term success.

Using these basic principles, we seek to inspire an improved quality of life by combining community ideals with innovative and thoughtful project development. Whether the project is mixed-use, retail, office, or industrial, our efforts keep the best interest of the community in mind. Our success is defined by having a positive impact on this community.


Great communities are not built in a day, and they cannot be achieved without hard work, dedication, collaboration, and most of all, teamwork. Teamwork and relationships are the foundation of our business philosophy. We continually strive to build and foster strong relationships with community organizations, civic leaders, and corporate partners, as these relationships are essential to staying well-informed about the needs and market demands in the community.